New Position Welcome Letter

August 5, 2010

Prof. Jacqueline Riordan

New Cross

London, SE15 6NW

Dear Prof. Walker.

We welcome you as the new head of the university’s Literature Department.  Your work as Department Head starts at the opening of classes next year.

We are happy that you have been promoted and accepted this new position.  We are confident that the department rests in good hands with you at the helm.  With more than fifteen years you have served in the university, we are sure that you can effectively handle the demands of the position and steer the department to new and brighter heights.

Under the previous Department Head, there have been several changes that we hope to discuss with you soon.  New courses have been added and there have also been changes in some projects.  References detailing the said changes, as well as a summary of previous administrative work are attached for your perusal.

Our heartfelt congratulations to you for the new position.


Dr. Jean Philipps


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