New Employee Announcement Letter


Mr Scott,

Head of marketing department,

YBS shopping mall,



Mr Crabbe,

Marketing manager,

YBS shopping mall,


Dear Mr Crabbe,

I, Mr Scott, the head of the marketing department of the YBS mall, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that the annual recruitment process has been completed successfully. There are 21 new employees which have been recruited under your service in the marketing department. The list containing the names of the new employees along with the designation to which they have been appointed has been enclosed along with this letter.

I am hopeful that you will share your valuable experience with these naive employees and train them under your efficiency. There will be an inspection on a collective basis after completion of one month of the services of these new employees like every year. I am hopeful that you will make our department proud like always you have been able o do in the past years. Looking forward to yet another team of professional from your endeavour,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Scott

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