New Course Announcement Letter


Mr McDonald,


Boston Institute of Medical Sciences

Dear students,

I, Mr McDonald, the Dean of the Boston Institute of Medical Sciences, am drafting this letter to make a very important announcement. There has always been a demand for the course of Care of Endangered Species in our institute. Hence, fulfilling the demands the institute authorities have decided to introduce the said course from the next academic year.

There will be an enormous course awareness programme and the current students are expected to contribute their efforts for the betterment of the institute. Also, in order to make justice who wanted to pursue this course during its absence, the institute has decided to arrange educative seminars for knowledge in this course each week which will be free to all the interested students. These students shall also be provided with certification after completion of this crash curse learning. Hence, I urge the students to take complete advantage of this opportunity. Wishing best luck,

Yours faithfully,

Mr McDonald

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