New Career Announcement Letter


Mr. Kevin M Parker

#445, Shin field Park


Dear Dad,

I hope you are fine and in best of your spirit and health. I am writing this letter to share a news with you. I am not sure that how would you react to this, that’s why, instead of telling you this on phone, I am writing a letter. Dad, I know you really admired my career choice of being an architect. I also used to enjoy my work in its initial days but soon I started feeling bored. I fed up working as an architect.

I wanted to switch my career and I took that step 3 months ago. You know that fitness was my passion. A couple of months back I realized that this can be my career option which I will not only enjoy but would love to work on. So I decided to take formal training course in Pilates. The amazing part is that soon I got the job of fitness trainer with a renowned gymnasium.

Presently I am working and have also enrolled myself in further advanced level courses in Pilates. I hope you will appreciate my decision.



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