New Business Solicitation Letter


Mr. Robert Fletcher

Director and CEO

Flex Consulting

2/W, Lloyd Street


January 21, 2012

(Subject: solicitation for new business as per the discussion held on January 5, 2012)

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to the documents exchanged mutually, discussed and draft prepared (January 5, 2012) on the issue of a partnership consulting business in between Flex Consulting and ASD Consulting that will bear a title – ASD Flex Consulting.

The legal obligations and the related regulatory procedures have been taken into account by our core management group and we are hoping the same from your corner.

The broad aspects of the partnership in the new business of consulting cover investment issues, branding, hiring, service details, profit-share and social responsibilities. These issues, we expect, are in the penultimate stage of being sorted out and will be amiably put into a final format in our next meeting in respect to the solicitation procedure.

Yours truly

Mr. Gary Harrison


ASD Consulting

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