New Business Introduction Letter


Mr Cruise,

Excel Stationeries Ltd,

San Diego


Mrs Watermark,


St Mary School,

San Diego

Dear Mrs Watermark,

This letter has come into effect to make you informed about the fact that Excel Stationeries Ltd has started the new arm of its business. This new arm deals in the instruments required for the school practical. St Mary School and Excel Stationeries Ltd have shared prosperous business relationship for the last 7 years and considering this fact, we offer you the proposal of the agreement for the supply of school practical instruments like the other stationeries which is provided to St May School by the Excel Stationeries Ltd.

We assure you that you will be getting the best bargains for the school practical instruments. However, despite the competitive bargains on these school practical instruments, we assure you of the best quality to be supplied. Like the stationeries, you would never be getting any scope for complaint in the school practical instruments. Hoping for a quick and favourable response from your side,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Cruise

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