Neighbour Complaint Letter


Mr. Wilson,

#65 Irving,



TH51 YS6

04th June 2011

Subject: Complaint regarding your dog

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I am your neighbor for the past one month and writing this letter to complaint about your dog. Your dog has been creating a lot of problem for me since the time I have moved in to this apartment. I have some plants that I have placed outside my door and your dog always pees at them when being taken for a walk by you servant. This habit of your dog is emitting a very bad smell in the entire vicinity of my door and spoiling the d├ęcor and first impression to the visitors of my home.

I am also an animal lover but it is our duty to ensure that having a pet does not cause any trouble to the persons living along with us. I hope you will look into this matter immediately and warn your servant being negligent in future.

Looking forward to a good neighborly relationship with you.

Yours Sincerely,


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