Neighbor Appreciation Letter


Mr and Mrs Collins,

B-12, Privet Drive,



Mr and Mrs Granger,

B-11, Privet Drive,


Dear Mr and Mrs Granger,

This letter has surfaced to satiate our needs to express heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to you for being such an excellent neighbour. We still remember the fear of being left out in a new place when we shifted to Privet Drive. However, the affection and the warmth which you have showed have made us feel like a big family here at Privet drive. We have heard people saying that relatives and friends come later, but the first help in times of needs always comes from the neighbours; and with neighbours like you we bet no one would need anyone else for anything.

We would always owe this care and concern from you and no matter what we give you in return will always be short of the care showered by you. We are fortunate to have such good neighbours and I thank God for giving you. Always appreciating your support,

Yours sincerely,

Mr and Mrs Collins

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