Motivational Marketing Letter


Mark Donald

23, Golf Lane, Eastern London


6th Sept 2012

Sub- Motivational Market letter

Dear Mr. Mark

This letter is to inform you that our company FLL Healthcare Limited has launched new antiseptic toilet soap with a brand name of Menthol Soap in the market on 1st September 2012.

Over the years, mothers have been facing the challenge to keep their growing children free from disease and they have to rush their children to the hospital after they fall ill. Bacteria are present everywhere and children are the most affected from it. While playing in the sand the children comes indirect contact with microorganisms and their skins become rough and dry.

I am sure that by using the Menthol Soap you will be able to keep your children secure from the attack of disease causing bacteria. Our soap kills bacteria instantly, soothes the skin and leaves behind a good fragrance. You can find Menthol Soap at your nearest retail shop.

So we will be very thankful if you try our product at least once. I am confident that after trying it for once, you will surely make it your regular product.

Thanking you

Don Bradman

Marketing Manager

FLL Healthcare Limited

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