Mortgage Financial Hardship Letter


Luke Wilson

Mortgage Department Head

London Bank of Mortgage

12West Side Road

Bristol City, UK 2390

Dated: 6th of June 2012

Subject: Hardship to repay mortgage loan

Respected Mr. Wilson,

This letter is in regards to the mortgage loan that I have taken from your financial service provider organization for an amount of three hundred thousand pounds.  This is to bring to your notice that I am going through hardship in repaying the loan.

I have to pay a monthly installment of 4000 pounds per month in order to repay the mortgage amount and you must be aware that I have failed to do so in last two months. The reason for this is that I have lost my job. My grandmother had passed away and she stays in a different city I had applied for an emergency leave, but they did not grant me the leave. So I had to resign as I had to be there for my grandmother’s funeral. Thus, I am currently unemployed. I am aware that if I fail to pay my installment for one more month, your organization will cease my house that is mortgaged.

I request you to give me some time to look for a new job as the house is everything that I have right now.


Edgar Jones

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