Money Agreement Letter


Mr. Scott Symonds

#218 Palmer Ave,

Summer Park


Date: 15th Feb’ 2012

Subject Money agreement letter

Mr. Symonds,

This letter is in reference to your loan request application. We are pleased to inform you that your application for loan has been accepted and our organization can provide you the requested loan amount.

With this letter we would like to bring to your notice that you that you are now eligible to receive a loan amount of $20,000 for duration of 20 months. A formal money agreement has been enclosed with this letter for your perusal and you are required to go through the obligations and responsibilities pertaining to loan.

If you want any amendment in any of the clauses or you have any query regarding the agreement terms, please feel free to contact me on (675) 887-0912. I’ll help you with all your queries and we can also consider minor amendments in the clauses to suit your requirements.

Kindly revert back with the money agreement to our office to complete the required paperwork for the processing of loan.


Ms. Samantha Leone

GK Finance company

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