Model Grievance Letter


Larry King

Business Development Manager

GL Technologies Private Limited

34 Times Square Street

Bristol Place, UK 4589

Dated: 2nd of May 2012

Subject: Letter for model grievance

Respected Mr. King,

This is to inform you that I have a grievance against the business model prepared by you in order to generate more revenue in the organization. The business model was prepared by you on 20th of April 2012 and you had given a presentation on the same day to explain it.

In the business model you have mentioned that we need to give discount to the buyers as that will attract them more towards our products and services. But at the same time your business model does not mention anything about reducing the production cost. If we are giving discounts then it is obvious that the profit margin will also reduce but if we also find a solution to reduce the production cost, the profit margin does not get affected. Above that even after giving discounts, the number of buyers does not increase or reduces then we may end up having losses.

Thus, I would request you to make few changes in the business model.

Yours faithfully,

Jack Ripper

Vice President

GL Technologies Private Limited

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