Migration Announcement Letter


Mr John Bonzela,

D-21, Draco Drive,



Mr Clooney,

D-2, Privet Drive,


Dear Mr Clooney,

I, John, am writing this letter to make you aware of some announcement which might come as shocking surprise to you. My project in San Francisco has been approved and it requires me to move there as soon as possible. This is the reason why I am writing to you. I, along with my complete family, am moving to San Francisco forever. The scheduling has been done and we shall be moving from here on the 21st of this month itself. I know this has happened at a short notice.

I and Miranda have arranged a small get together of friends and relatives here to say Good Bye in a nice way. I hope you shall be coming along with Tiara and children. I could never have asked for anyone better than you for company when I moved here couple of years before. Again looking forward for a memorable time with you,

Your pal,


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