Meeting Cancellation Letter


Mr Johnson,

Head of Marketing Department,

The Mall,



Mr Stephenson,

Marketing manager,

The Mall,


Dear Mr Stephenson,

I, Mr Johnson, head of the Marketing Department of The Mall, Durban, am writing this letter to make you informed about the cancellation of the meeting which was scheduled for 19th of this month. The discussion for the new strategy to be followed for the marketing of the products will be taken in the meeting which would take place further in future. For the time being, the current strategy has to be executed in the manner which has been followed until yet.

The detail of the projects to be accomplished prior to the meeting which is probably to take place during the third week of the coming month has been mentioned in the documents enclosed along with this letter. I seek the progress report of the projects which have been entrusted to you during this month. Enclose the progress report along with the reply to this letter and make me informed,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Johnson

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