Medical Resignation Letter


Mrs Cruise,

The drug in-charge,

City hospital


Mr David,

Head of the drug and medicine department,

City hospital

Dear Mr David,

This letter has been drafted to make you aware of the fact that I, Mrs Cruise, am resigning from the post of the drug in-charge of the city hospital. There are several reasons for the resignation application to come into effect. However, the prime reason for the resignation application is that the new methods and the new tools installed in the concerned departments are causing havoc in the traditional way of keeping the drugs in the maintained situation in the hospital.

I have not been able to accustom to the new procedures and it is better for me to step down instead of causing some unfavourable event to happen with the patients of the city hospital. It had been a very complete experience of working in the hospital for so many years and there is hardly anything which I have to complaint for. Thanking the hospital for everything it gave to me,

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Cruise

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