Medical Leave Letter

Mr. Martin Webley

Vineyard Street, Liverpool

Merseyside, L15 2PU

September 1, 2010

Ms. Wendy O’Prey


AAA Inc.


Re: Medical Leave Letter

Dear Ms. O’Prey,

I would like to request for a ten-day medical leave effective September 20-30 since I have a scheduled operation for a tumor in my leg.  My physician has required two days of hospitalization and at least a week of bed rest at home to recover from the operation.

As per company rules, I have submitted a medical certificate from my physician including my medical record regarding the said tumor to the HR Department.

I will be able to return to work as soon as my physician declares me fit to use my leg again.  I have already briefed my colleagues in the department regarding work that have to be done during my absence.  If needed, I may be reached through my phone while I am at home.

Thank you.  Please inform me of any more requirements I must complete regarding my leave.


Martin Webley

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