Medical Grievance Letter


Daniel Cook


Franc hospitals private limited

67, Queen Elizabeth Memorial Road, Northern London


14th June 2012

Subject: Medical grievance letter

Respected Sir

I am writing this letter to express my grievances about the poor medical treatment facility available during the emergency period especially in the late night hours. The last night my fifteen years old son was suffering from severe stomach pain; I rushed him to your esteemed hospital. I was surprised when the hospital staff did not open the gates and said that since there was no doctor available during the night time they were unable to get my son admitted. During such time I felt extremely helpless as this hospital was the only one nearby our locality. As a result I had to drive three hours in order to reach another hospital in the other corner of the city. My son in the meantime was suffering because of his stomach pain as I searched for a hospital.

I would therefore like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities for uplifting the quality of medical service offered by the hospital during the emergency hours especially in night time.

Yours’ sincerely

Jim Kerry

99, Hi-tech Apartments, Zurich road

Northern London,UK

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