Medical Doctor Retirement Letter


Dr. Joseph Davidson

Senior Physician

St. Holy Hospital



Date:3rd January 2013

Subject: Medical doctor retirement letter

It is with mixed emotions that I am writing this letter to you to inform about my retirement from the active service of being a physician at St. Holy Hospital. My retirement is affective from 10th January.

It was a great experience providing health care facilities and medical assistance to all the patients. It is not easy for me to give up my profession after working as a physician for more than 15 years and now on 12th of January, Mr. David would be taking over my practices and duties. I am pleased that I have worked at such a renowned platform and served my patient with the best health care skills and medical treatments.

I greatly cherish the relationship that I have built with my fellow doctors, interns, senior physicians and nursing staff. I would miss the care and respect that I have earned from you all, over so many years.

Before I give a start to my retirement life, I would like to assure you that all medical records would be maintained confidential.

Best wishes to you and your team for future health.



Dr. Joe Bob


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