Medical authorization letter

Mr. Gene Hamilton

Croxteth Drive, Liverpool

Merseyside, L18 3AN

February 21, 2010

Ms. Liza Roberts

Human Resources Officer

Excellente Inc.

Dear Ms. Roberts,

I write this letter with regard to my medical authorization.  As per work contract, I am already eligible for medical authorization since I have already completed my tenure of five years with this company.  I would like to get my medical authorization from your company which was guaranteed by the Sales Supervisor upon my start of employment on February 1, 2005.

I hope to avail of the medical benefits that are assured through the medical authorization.  I have enclosed a copy of pertinent documents for your reference.  Please inform me of the procedure and other requirements needed for the matter to be resolved.  My medical records are available at your request.

Thank you.  I look forward to your prompt action.

Yours sincerely,

Gene Hamilton

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