Medical Appeal Letter

February 2, 2010

Dr. Robin Hathaway

Kingston Hospital

Kingston, KT2 1LQ

Dear Dr. Hathaway,

I was a patient of yours confined at the Kingston Hospital last month after suffering from persistent headaches and fever.  I was finally able to leave the hospital on January 30, with your prescription for several medicines.  I have been told that I was simply initially diagnosed as suffering from migraine but tests were still done to check other possible causes.

I have not yet received the results of the test and at my previous visit to the hospital, you were on an official trip out of the country.  I do not wish to get diagnosed by a different doctor as you are the most familiar with my case already.  In this regard, I appeal to you to inform me of the results of the test and your diagnosis soon.  I am available anytime convenient to you since I know that you have a busy schedule.

Thank you.


Emily Wellings

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