Medical Apology Letter


Mr. Andrew Smith

456, Bittern Road


Subject: Medical Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Smith

I am writing this letter to apologize sincerely on the behalf of the entire medical team involved in the operation of your father. I am sorry that we couldn’t save his life.

As we admitted your father right after the severe cardiac arrest, we already discussed with you in pre-operative contract that although we’ll try our best but chances of his survival are very few. I understand that in this kind of scenario we always hope for positive outcomes, but sometimes situations are not under our control. Your father was 79 years of age and at this age our organs become weak. He had a severe heart attack which that caused cardiac arrest resulting in his death. I have attached all the required medical reports with this letter.

I understand that this is a great loss, but may GOD give you strength.


Shaun Bullock

CEO, St. Marry Hospital

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