Maternity Allowance Resignation Letter


ICUC insurance firm


All customers

Dear customers,

This letter has been drafted to put some light on the changes made in the existing insurance and medical claim policies of the ICUC insurance firm. The changes shall be applicable from the start of the next financial year, that is, the start of the next month itself. The changes in the insurance policies and the medical claim policies shall come into effect only for those who opt for the concerned policies in the near future while those who already are enjoying the benefits of certain policies shall continue to enjoy the unadulterated features in the coming future.

The maternity allowance in the would-be-mother medical policy has been completely terminated and the maternity allowance stands out to be resigned from the current policy. The policy shall now cover the accidents which come in the unfortunate way for the would-be-mothers. The list of details of the changes is enclosed with the letter.

Yours faithfully,

ICUC insurance firm

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