Marriage Invitation Letter


Mr. Noel Thorne

Dartmouth Park Road

London, NW4 1SU


Ms. Pauline Burnett

Witton Gilbert, Durham

Co Durham, Dh7 9rw

Dear Ms. Burnett,

With greatest pleasure we invite you to the marriage of our younger son Joseph with Sara Samuel. The marriage has been fixed on 15th March, 2011 at 11 a.m. at the Saint Joseph cathedral Church. There is a small reception party after that at our place itself.

We would be happy if you can come for the wedding at least two days before the ceremony. You will get a chance to interact with Joseph and Sara whom you have known since their childhood. You could also help us with the arrangements for the wedding and the reception.

We look forward to hearing a confirmation from you soon.

With Best Wishes,

Mr. Thorne

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