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March 25, 2011

Dear Ms. Tecson,

In line with the services that you have also in your beauty shop, it is just in time for you to have a look on our latest offer of our newly made moisturizing cream, milk flavor.  It will be of great benefit to give in making your beauty shop more interesting to your customers.

Our new moisturizing cream, milk flavor would give ease and peace of mind to the problem of your customers about their facial care.  Now this is a great solution that is made with natural ingredients that will not be harmful for their skin.  It is 100% pure that will not harsh any skin tone that is very delicate.

It has been tested and proven already by the experts and we are positive on this product that will enhance beauty and maintain beauty secrets of the many.

Enclosed herewith is some of the brochure for your reference together with contact details if needed some assistance and for further business deals.

Best of Regards,

Connie Lexon

Marketing Head

BYL Beauty Shop and Services Inc.

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