Marketing Letter of Intent

April 28, 2011

The Manager

Lopez Computer Hardware Inc.


Dear Mr. Howard,

You own your computer hardware and we have been a good business partners since then.  You showed how much you work for the benefits of your company and for your employees as well that is why your company is getting expanded yearly, and we are inspired of your strong will.

We, in the Gomez Software acknowledge the success of your business, and I am writing you right now to request for some merger between our companies, since we have our both expertise in hardware and software as well.  I think it is a great combination of talent, your company for hardware aspects, and our company for software aspects and that I think is a great combination.

We both inspire each other for our own success, and we have the same vision and mission as we talked about before about our destinations.  And for that matter, there is a great opportunity that awaits us.

Looking forward for your kind response about merger matter, and let’s have a more serious talk in sometime.

Yours truly,

Mr. Howard Gomez


Gomez Software Ltd.



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