Marketing Letter Format

April 15, 2011

Mrs. Stevenson

R&M Beauty Salon

Seventh St., Leeway


Dear Madam,

Our company of Health and Beauty secrets is one of the finest companies right now that are just fit to your needs for your respective beauty salon.  We have lots of products that are very much helpful for your needs in order to attract more customers.

Now, business is very much competitive, and with that it is just right that you make something that will outgrow your business into other diversion that resulted to a profitable one.  Therefore, why not try our products for you to see how important it can be for your beauty salon right now.

We are now offering relative discounts if you order in bulk.  It is a great time to shop for your own salon and innovate more into other dimension that is truly attractive to the needs of your future customer.

I have enclosed herewith our brochure for more details together with our contact numbers for any query that you needed.

Looking forward for your most reasonable time to come and visit our branch that is just near with your place.

Yours truly,

Connie Hillton

Marketing Manager

Health and Beauty Secrets Inc.

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