Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter


Mr John Bonzela,

D-21, Draco Drive,



Mr Clooney,

Human Resource Officer,

Fastline Communications,

D-2, Privet Drive,


Dear Mr Clooney,

This is with reference to the advertisement in the local newspaper on November 8th for the post of Marketing Coordinator. I would like to apply for the position as my skills and interest fulfills all your requirements.

I have been working in this field for the past ten years and you can come to know about my abilities from the references from my previous employers. I am a sincere worker and have achieved strong positions in my previous company. I possess good interpersonal skills and have known for my leadership qualities.

I have worked on numerous projects that also include editing papers, creating advertisement campaigns, conducting campaigns, coordinating trade shows, writing press releases and marketing collaterals.

I would like to discuss how my experience and education could be helpful in the development of your organization. I can come and meet you whenever you like as per your convenience.

Thank you for the consideration.


Mr. Bonzela

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