Manufacturer Termination Letter


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Mrs Granger,

ZZZ Lanyard manufacturer

Dear Mrs Granger,

This letter has been drafted to make you aware of the fact that the deal between the two of us regarding the manufacturing of the lanyards has been terminated from our side. The step taken from our side has been intimated in the prior meetings and hence this is just the execution of what has been discussed and contemplated upon by both the sides in the confrontations which we have done before.

It would be very kind on your part if you would send us a confirmation for the termination of the deal from your side as well. There have been certain issues which were left to be discussed in the prior meetings and management of the Trigger mobile services shall want to complete all the remaining formalities for the concerned matter. Considering the healthy business relationship which the both of us have enjoyed, I hope for a future deal very soon,

Yours faithfully,

Trigger mobile services

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