Long Leave Letter

2nd Assistant Store Manager

Jell France Foods Corporation

New Delhi, US

January 13, 2011


Store Manager,

Jell France Foods Corporation,

New Delhi, US

Dear Mr. Guiao,

I am now in my 9th month period of my pregnancy and anytime from now I am entitled to give birth.  And for this matter, my doctor advices to have a long leave vacation for my maternity concern.  My ob-gyne told me that it is a caesarean method that is why it is in a longer span of my vacation leave.  My doctor instructs me to have a leave for 3months in order to assure my good health and the health of my baby as well.  I have herewith my medical documents and prescription so that you can refer to.

I am please to ask for your approval for this long leave of my vacation and as soon as I am fit to back to work, you can expect much on my contribution to my position.

Again, I thank you and the team for all understanding on the matter, and wishing you all the best.

Sincerely yours,

Connie Villo

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