Letters of Intent for Senior Projects


The Dean,

University of London,

#22, Prenton,


London, CH43

Date: 14th April 2012

Subject : Letter of intent for obtaining senior project

Dear Sir,

I am a final year student of our University and pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in economics. I was always interested in undertaking project study in the field of economics. Even in may earlier academic projects I have take up various projects in areas of economics such as monetary economics, statistical studies of overall income and various such similar topics.

Now, I wish to undertake study on the topic “Influence of Per-capita Income” as part of my course curriculum. I have done extensive research on the above mentioned topic by gaining experience and knowledge from various state agencies. I am sure that I will be able to present an impressive+ senior project on the aforesaid topic. It will take about three months for me to complete the project and the total cost of the project comes to around 100 pounds.

I will ensure that I adhere strictly to the University rules of standards compliance and assure you of producing research papers on the senior project which is free of any plagiarism issues.

I hope to get an approval for the same at the earliest. I will be glad to provide additional details as deemed fit by the University officials.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Ashcroft

Student Registration Number-89-8979

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