Letters of Intent for Real Estate


Mr. Daniel Anderson,

#11, Mouton Ash,

Mid Glamorgan,

London, CF45

Date: 18th May 2012

Subject : Letter of intent for purchase of property in West Midlands

Dear Mr. Daniel,

We are writing this letter in continuation of your discussion with our company last week where you expressed interest in purchasing property in Midlands. This is not an obligatory letter and not binding on either of the parties in any way.

Just to remind you of the terms of purchase I am hereby mentioning the same as under :-

1)      The value of the property stands at 12345 pounds.

2)      The transfer of property is subject to payment of the amount mentioned above in full before the actual date of registration.

3)      Any dispute with regard to the transfer of the property will be governed by the laws of Mid Glamorgan state.

If the terms specified by us as above are agreeable to you, please sign the letter and send a copy of the same at our mailing address at the earliest. On receipt of this letter of acceptance from your end we will further process the purchase transaction along with all the legal documentation. In case you have any doubts with regard to the terms of the purchase please feel free to contact our office on the below mentioned number for further information.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Verdun

ABC Property Limited.

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