Letter of Travel Arrangements

Mr. Quintin Nutbeam

Chatsworth Road, Stratford

London, E18 1RB

April 27, 2010

Ms. Susan Fidler


OneWorld Travel Tours, Inc.

Dear Ms. Fidler:

I am hereby confirming the reservation I made for your five-day Asian Holiday Package scheduled next month.  I have reserved slots for me and my wife for the said holiday package.  Please be advised that my wife recently had an operation but has been cleared by her physician for the said trip.  I have enclosed a copy of the physician’s clearance should it be of use to you.

I would like to request a copy of the complete itinerary for the trip, as well as brief information about the places to be visited.  Please include the list of hotels where we will be accomodated; we are hoping that we be checked in rooms on lower floors to prevent having possible problems with my wife’s health.

I hope our trip will be booked and our tickets sent to us soon.

Thank you.  I hope for your prompt action.


Quintin Nutbeam

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