Letter of Recommendation For Scholarship

Dr. Julie Downing

Science Department Head

Manchester Institute

January 10, 2010

University of Manchester

Oxford Road, Manchester

M16 9PL

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to recommend Ms. Julia Thorne for acceptance to your scholarship program.  I believe I am in a good position to recommend Ms. Thorne since I have known her for four years.

As Head of the department under which Ms. Thorne took her baccalaureate degree, I have had the chance of witnessing her grow academically and personally.  She has consistently maintained good grades and is an active student in class as reported by her professors.  She is industrious in her studies while also being a leader in many of her class projects.  As such, Ms. Thorne has been recognized as an excellent student in our department.  In addition, she has good interpersonal skills and is known among her peers as a great team worker.  I highly recommend Ms. Thorne based on her exemplary record in the institution.

Thank you.  I hope you consider this recommendation for Ms. Thorne.


Dr. Julie Downing

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