Letter Of Intent To Purchase

Mr. George Ebdon

Sales Manager

Accessible Appliances

August 1, 2010

Ms. Aubrey Vinney

Equitable Electronics

Bristol, Avon, Bs5 9la

Dear Ms. Vinney,

We Were Impressed By The Brochure Introducing Your Company And Your Products Which You Sent Us Through Mail.  I Personally Talked To Your Sales Representative In The Area And We Are Interested In Purchasing Your Line Of Electrical Appliances.  The Appliances Have The Necessary Quality And Safety Requirements Based On Our Company Standard.  We Also See The Stylish Design To Be Catchy And Appealing To The Customers.

We Would Like To Purchase An Initial Amount Of 100 Units Each Of Five Of Your Electrical Appliances – The Blender, Microwave Oven, Toaster, Airconditioning Unit, And Rice Cooker.  After Seeing How These Products Would Fare In The Market, We Will Contact You For A More Long-Term Business Deal Regarding Purchase Of Your Products.

Please Deliver The Products Promptly.

Thank You.  We Look Forward To Your Immediate Action.


George Ebdon



Lease Purchase

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