Letter of intent job application

Mr. Von McCormac

Bryanston Road, Liverpool

Merseyside, L18 7AL

December 3, 2010

Mr. Don Richardson

Human Resources Officer

Liverpool Daily, Inc.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

This is to express my intent to apply for the position of editorial assistant in your company.

I am Mr. Von McCormac, a graduate of journalism from an esteemed institution and a former editor of a national magazine.  Our magazine has been cited with several awards during my employment as editor.  However, I had to leave my previous employment as I relocated to be with my family in London.  In my ten years of work in the field of writing and editing, I have learned the necessary do’s and don’t’s as well as gained valuable experience on effective writing.  I was fortunate to attend several trainings that have also honed my skills and increased my knowledge in the field.

I wish to be part of your company which I know to be one of the leading newspapers in the country. I have attached my resume for your perusal.

Thank you.  I hope you would give me the opportunity to work with you.


Mr. Von McCormac

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