Letter for Introducing a Product for Sale


Charles Symonds

Sales Executive

Unicorn Company

124, Red Inner Circle

Amsterdam, London


21 January 2012

Subject: Introduction of a super duper vacuum cleaner, packed with exciting attachments.

Respected Sir,

It is our great pride to let you know about the introduction of our new product in the home section. We have come out with a durable and inexpensive Vacuum cleaner. You being our elite customer must be aware of the quality of product we offer. Kindly consider this letter to know more about this product.

This Vacuum cleaner is way different from the other ones available in the retail shops. They are equipped with ultra absorbing fibres and are capable to work on any kind of surfaces. The product comes packed with a special type of attachments that can be used to clean under-bed area or sofa sets.

We provide you an extra of four attachments, free on your first order. You can call us on 9898989967 for free demos.


George Thomas

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