Letter Cancelling a Meeting

Mr. Anthony West

Sales Manager

Glamour Jewelry Co.

London, N6 6SB

September 1, 2010

Ms. Caroline Wellings

Finance Officer

Quick Deliveries, Inc.

Dear Ms. Wellings:

I would like to notify you that I am cancelling the business meeting scheduled on September 10 that was requested by your company to discuss details of our business deal.  Our company’s staff meeting was recently moved to that date due to some changes in our plans and we can no longer reschedule it.

I know that you are a busy man and I assure you that the said meeting will push through soon.  Our secretary will call your office within the week to discuss your convenient time for the said meeting.  Rest assured that the pertinent documents from our end that will be discussed during the meeting are already in order.

I have attached a copy of the full proposal we have prepared for your reference.

Thank you.  I hope we could come up with a schedule convenient for both of us soon.


Anthony West

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