Letter Cancellation Test


Mrs Scott,

B-12, Baker’s Street,



Dr William,

Mall Road,


Dear Dr William,

I, Mrs Scott, am writing this letter to inform you that I would not be able to reach for the test which has been scheduled for this week’s Saturday. Hence I urge you to cancel the test for now. I absolutely realise that it was me who urged you to find time on Saturday and get a test scheduled for me. And now it is me again urging you to cancel the test. I am extremely sorry for this irresponsible behaviour on my part.

However, due to the rise of certain more prominent issues I am compelled to cancel the test for this time. I will intimate you any further day and time which shall be feasible for carrying out the test. I will make sure that I turn up at the time scheduled for my test and do not show such naive behaviour henceforth. Please pardon me for this time.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Scott

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