Legal Letters of Intent


Patrick J Keith,


Chorley Inc,

#15, Stockport,

Cheshire, London, SK4

Date : 17th June 2012

Subject : Legal letter of intent

Dear Mr. Patrick,

I am hereby writing this letter of intent to remind you of the legal binding of the agreement entered into by your company with that of ours. Please refer to the clause number 21 in the agreement which forbids your company from disclosing the agreement details to any third party without the express permission of our company.

On investigation our company compliance team has found that many clauses of the agreement entered between you and our company have been disclosed to some third parties that has caused financial loss and also put the reputation of our company at stake. We clearly hope that every part of the agreement would be fulfilled in order to have continued business relations with our company.

As a last chance we are giving you an opportunity to identify the source of leaking confidential information regarding the agreement and respond to us at the earliest with all the details. Your quick response within the stipulated time frame will ensure the continuation of the agreement entered between us. Else you will have to be prepared for legal proceedings from our end for non-compliance of terms of the agreement.

Yours Sincerely,

Philip D’souza


Food Corporation.

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