Leave Request Letter

Ms. Louise Kopelman


Leicestershire, LE15 3TU

August 5, 2010

Mr. Gerry Fidler


Tinkles Store Ltd.

Ref: Request for leave

Dear Mr. Fidler,

This is to request for a three-day leave effective this August 25-27 as I need to attend an important school affair for my child which requires a parent.  My husband is not available for the activity since he has an appointment set earlier.

My work load for the month is going smoothly and I will be finishing them before the 25th.  I have already oriented other staff in the department should they need to revise my work or fulfill new tasks that would be assigned to me at the time of my leave.  I believe my colleagues will be able to handle the work load despite my absence.

I will be available for contact on the said dates of my leave if needed and I have given my contact number to the HR department and the department staff.

Thank you.  I hope for your approval on this matter.


Louise Kopelman

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