Leave Request Letter to Office


The Incharge,

Marketing Department,

Clitheroe Innovative Solutions Ltd,

#4, Newark, Nottinghamshire,

London, NG24

Date – 15th January 2013

Sub: Leave request letter

Respected Sir,

I am here by submitting my leave request for a period of 2 days starting from 19th January 2013. The purpose of my leave request is to attend the wedding of my niece whom I have not been able to meet for many years now. After I moved to this state for employment reasons I have not met my niece and even my brother’s entire family. I could only maintain telephonic communication with my brother since I have moved to this city.

So this will be a good opportunity for me to not only meet my brother and his family but also extend my blessing to my niece on the occasion of her wedding.  During the period of my leave for two days I have request my colleague Mr. Ashton to take over my job responsibilities and provide assistant where necessary.

As it is lean season for our business as well I request you to kindly grant me leave as I will not get this opportunity again apart from getting to attend my niece’s wedding too.

I thank you for your understanding.

Yours truly,

Stephen Anthony,

Marketing Department,

Employee id – K76

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