Leave Permission Letter


Peter Phelps

General Manager (Maintenance Department)

LPU Electronics Corporation

56, New Town, Eastern London


5th August 2012

Sub – leave permission letter.

Dear Mr. Peter

I am writing this letter to seek your permission for two days leave from the office on 10th and 11th of August 2012.It need to visit my ailing mother who is admitted in the nearby city hospital for her open heart surgery. The surgery is scheduled to be started at 10 am on 10th August 2012 and my presence it extremely important as there is nobody else in my family to look after her. I also have to sign the no objection before the start of the surgery. You must be aware of the fact that open heart surgery is a time consuming affair and as per the doctor’s advice it will take minimum of 12 hours to complete the entire operational procedure. I would request you to kindly grant me two days leave for this purpose.

Hope that you will grant me permission for the emergency leave. I will wait for positive reply in his regard from your side. I would like to thank you for considering my leave permission application letter.

Yours Sincerely

Robert Wills

Junior Manager (Maintenance Department)

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