Leave of Absence Request Letter

Christopher Carter

Project Staff

Fast Deliveries

January 27, 2010

Ms. Caroline Cantor

Human Resources Officer

Fast Deliveries

York, YO15 5DD

Dear Ms. Cantor,

I write this letter to request for a leave of absence from work from October 20-27, 2010.  I have not been feeling well for two days now, and although I reported to my office, I was not able to do my duties properly and had to rest at the company clinic for a few hours.  I went to the doctor this morning for a check-up and I was diagnosed with hypertension.

My physician advised me to have bed rest since he suspects this is caused by stress.  I have been on two official trips in the past month and have been working long nights to finish a project.  Rest assured that I have already completed my part in the project and I will immediately compensate on the days of my absence as soon as I return to work.  I have attached my overseeing physician’s recommendation for your perusal.

Thank you.


Christopher Carter

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