Leave Letters

Leave letters are letters which requests for permission of leave. A leave letter in some cases is also given after the leave period is over, this case happens when the leave is unplanned or unavoidable. These types of letters are useful for informing the concerned authority about absence from work so that the authorities are prepared to delegate that responsibility to someone else in advance.

A leave letter can be of various types. The following are a few examples:

  • Leave letter for absence from job
  • Leave letter to school
  • Leave letter to company


Since these letters involves a certain pattern to be followed, therefore it might not always be easy to write it. Therefore we have a few tips and suggestions to solve your problem:

  • The sender’s name and the current date should be mentioned at the top of the letter
  • The subject line should mention that the letter is concerned about permission for leave
  • The main body should consist of the reason of the leave and the precise number of days for the leave.
  • The last paragraph should sound like a request for granting of the permission for the leave.

At the end thank the recipient for considering your request.

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