Leave Letter to Teacher


Mea Watson

Class teacher (Standard 6th)

St. Johns High School

45, Eastern Towers ,Northern London


5th August 2012

Sub – leave letter to teacher.

Dear Mrs. Mea

I am writing this letter to inform you that my son Name –Jim Symonds is a regular student of class 6th standard of your school. I would request you to kindly grant my son one day leave on 14th August 2012 as he will visiting a dental clinic on that particular day. I have scheduled an appointment with the renowned dentist Mr. Lance Blade on 14th August 2012 as my son’s teeth smell very badly and his gums had also swollen up badly. I thought it would be the best option to get doctors advice early because the condition of teeth is declining day by day. I tried my best to get an appointment on the weekends but the slot is booked for the next four months. If I will wait further, I think that the teeth of my son will become even worse.

Hope that you will grant permission for one day leave to my son on medical grounds. I will wait to hear from in this regard. Please find the doctor’s appointment document enclosed with this letter.

Thanking you

Lim Symonds

Father of Jim Symonds

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