Leave Letter to Office


Steve Job

Director (Personnel Department)

TGL Aluminum Corporation

45, Industrial Lane, Western London


5th August 2012

Sub – leave letter to office.

Dear Mr. Steve

I am writing this letter to apply for one day leave from office on 12th August 2012 on the ground of medical emergency. I am not feeling well for the last couple of days and suffering from intense headache for the last ten days. I am feeling less energetic and losing my ability to concentrate on my job. Earlier I used to enjoy my work in the office but nowadays I am felling very stressed out. My stamina and body weight has also dropped down to alarming levels. I have scheduled an appointment with a well known physician whose clinic is located in Central London in order to seek proper medical advice. I would request you to kindly grant me one day leave on medical grounds.

Hope that you will sanction my leave application at the earliest. I will eagerly wait for the confirmation letter in this regards form you side. Please find the doctor’s appointment document enclosed with this letter. Thank you for considering my medical leave application letter.

Yours Sincerely

Marlin Gusty

Senior Manager (Finance Department)

TGL Aluminum Corporation

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