Leave Letter to Manager


Austin Christ

Manager (HR Department)

PLC Bank Limited

45,British Lane, Western London


10TH August 2012

Sub-leave letter to manager.

Dear Mr. Austin

I am writing this letter to apply for three days leave from 14th August 2012 to 17th August 2012 as my wife is supposed to undergo a major surgery during the period. My wife has being suffering from gall bladder stone for the last three years. The doctors have advised an emergency surgery otherwise her life would be endangered. The doctors would be performing the operation on 15th August 2012 so they have asked me to admit her in the clinic on 14th August 2012 for various medical examinations. I will complete all my pending assignments before going for the leave. I am also ready to work overtime in order to complete the back log work once I come back from the leave. I would like to mention here that I have not taken a single day leave from the office for the past two years.

Please consider my application as it is for an emergency reason and I will be really grateful to you. I will eagerly wait for the approval letter from your office.

Yours Sincerely

Charles Gilchrist

Accounts Manager

PLC Bank Limited

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