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Marilou Carpio

1231 Hilario Street,

San Miguel Avenue ,

Pasig City

March 11, 2011

Henry Sy

Sy Superstore

11th Street,

San Miguel Avenue,

Pasig City

Dear Mr. Sy,

Subject: Letter of application for leave.

I, Marilou Carpio in the fragrance department of the superstore, would like to request a leave of absence for the days of March 25 up to March 30, 2011. The reason for my leave is for the scheduled physical therapy of my daughter and I need to assist her in her medical checked-up for her recovery as well.   These are the dates given by her physician and I really wanted to assist her for her 3rd session of therapy.

I assure you I will complete any work that remains pending over my period of absence so that I will not give any burden in the end.   And I will endorse the remaining jobs to be done by my colleague in order to ensure to do the task accordingly.

In any case that needs my assistance I attached herewith my contact details so that it can be so easy for you to contact me.  Thank you very much for your consideration of this matter, it is highly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Marilou Carpio

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