Leave Approval Letter


Tim Alexander

Manager (Sales Department)

YCC Five Star Hotels Limited

45, Mariot Lane, Central London


10TH August 2012

Sub-leave approval letter.

Dear Mr. Tim

I am feeling very glad to inform you that your leave application letter for fifteen days leave from 15th August 2012 to 30th August 2012 has been gracefully accepted by the management of our company. You have applied for a long leave of fifteen days as you have planned a foreign trip with your family members. Your leave application was reviewed by us and we found that you have not taken a single day leave from the office for the past three years. You have been the best performer of our company and it becomes our responsibility to give you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family members in order to de-stress yourself. You will feel happy to note that the company will bear the entire travelling and lodging expenses which you will incur in your foreign tour along with your family members.

Hope that you will enjoy the vacation and come back to work feeling refreshed. I wish you best of luck and happy journey.

Thanking You

Steve Anderson

Director (Personnel Department)

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