Leave Application Letter

May 10, 2011

Mr. Rey Williams

Engineering Supervisor

Lucky Seven Construction Company

Angeles, Pampanga

Subject: Leave Application

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am formally sending this letter to let you know that my father has been diagnosed of having severe brain cancer stage 4 and his physician advice that his family should be with him since he was given a few days to live.  I really wanted to be in his side until the last breath that he may have in this earth.  He is coming home this 15th of May from Canada and I want to spend the rest of his days with him.

We will welcome him on the 15th of May that is why I am applying for my leave from 15th of May up to the 22nd of May.  And for any incident that might happen I will let you know about it.

It is a severe case that I cannot just neglect that is why I am hoping for your understanding and kind consideration on my request leave for one week.  If there will be any changes, I will inform you at the earliest as possible.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Steven

Asst. Supervisor

Lucky Seven Construction Company



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